"Being" - St. Brigid in the Desert Inter-Spiritual Mabon Gathering, September 21, 2013


We are gather as a people who know that somehow there is something greater than us.  Something of which we are a part.  Or, maybe we don't know, but we wonder - we seek - we recognize the wonder of Being in the universe.

The words of others inform us.  The traditions of the people support us.  Our reason leads us.  But it is our experience which connects us.

Let us experience this ineffable, incredible, incomprehensible Being together.

The Liturgy:

St. Brigid in the Desert
Autumn Equinox Inter-Spiritual Circle
Gather within.  Leader will direct participants as to direction for opening liturgy.  Leader will guide participants through breaths and readings.
One DEEP Breath
Participants Call to the Directions
Those in the East:  I call upon you Air, Angelic Creatures – be with us – and sing your Heavenly Praises
Those in the South: I call upon you Fire, Awake the Spirit! Rekindle us with Passion born anew
Those in the West: I call upon you Water, Flowing Spirit – move within that we may feel God’s Love
Those in the North:  I call upon you Earth, Our Home, Our Shelter, support us now as we stand, Willing
All turn to face the center
Shout for joy, children of the Holy One, we feed upon the finest wheat and the sweetest honey!
We call You, God our Father, God our Mother!  Join us as we gather here tonight.  Ancient of Days, speak to us your ancient words of wisdom.  Help us hear again the message of love!  Change our lives to follow the path of justice and mercy!  
One DEEP Breath
Invitation to the Holy Spirit:   Sing “Spirit of the Living God, Fall a-fresh on Me” 3 times
One DEEP Breath

Pray together the “Lord’s Prayer” with these words:
O Wond’rous Creator, Who Art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy Name:  As Above, So Below
Give us each day our daily bread and
Forgive us the pains that we have caused others
As we forgive those who have caused us pain
Leave us not in temptation, but deliver us from error
We ask, Beloved One, that on this night of Autumn Equinox, we be led in ways unknown to us to bring Equality, Peace and Understanding to this world.  You are a Mystery, O Holy One.  Through You we are One; in Your Spirit we are One with One another and with the World.  We partake but little of Your Holy Wisdom, for we are bound to this Earth.  Thus, we cry out to You, O God, that we may always know the Path to You.  Be with us now, hear us:
Here we take time to speak our personal prayers and those things we wish to work on and be rid of.
This night, when the dark and the light are equal, we take a moment to place our feet fully on the Path to which we have been Called.  We reaffirm our dedication to the Way that Jesus spoke of; We dedicate ourselves to Mindful action, to which the Buddha called, for we know that our thoughts manifest in our lives and our being; we know that it is only with You in our lives we will be at Peace.  This night, we seek to embrace once more our inner Spark of Divine Light, that was alive in Jesus, and live always within us.
Now we will share bread and wine, for it is in the sharing of life sustaining food that we find ourselves in full Communion with Spirit and with one another.
Share “Love Feast,” saying to one another as we pass the Chalice and Loaf around:   “May you never hunger,” “May you never thirst.”
Thank you, Beloved God, Mother and Father of our Souls, for being with us this night.  It is in Your Time and Your Place that You will show us our Ways.  We ask that as Jesus left the Gift of Spirit with his disciples, You leave us fill with Spirit as we enter into the World

Spirit!  We Speak in Love to You!  Be with us, fill us, make us new and give us energy, wisdom and power to meet the challenges of an unbalanced world.
Participants turn to face the direction they faced at the beginning, calling to the Elements:
Those in the East: I thank you Air, Angelic Creatures – for being with us – still you sing your Heavenly Praises
Those in the South: I thank you Fire, for Awakening the Spirit! You have Rekindled us with Passion born anew
Those in the West: I thank you Water, Flowing Spirit – You move within and we feel God’s Love
Those in the North:  I thank you Earth, Our Home, Our Shelter, you support us we learn to keep you whole
Together we sing the “Benediction:”
The Circle is open, but it’s never broken; Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again
Someone takes the Chalice to a corner and pours libation to those who have gone before, symbolizing the truth that we are all connected by love even after death.
Another will take a bit of the bread and crumble it for the birds, symbolizing our understanding that the creatures are also God’s creation.

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