"Celebration and Remembrance" ~ Samhain/Day of the Dead/All Saints - St. Brigid in the Desert

St. Brigid in the Desert
Celebration and Remembrance

Gather within.  One DEEP Breath

Gathering Words
Leader:  We come to this place with prayers upon our tongues, songs of the angels in our hearts

Participants:  The Wheel of the Year turns evermore

Leader:  We come to this place with spirits of fire, warmed by the memories of those we have loved

Participants:  The Wheel of the Year turns evermore

Leader:  We come to this place aware that we are drops in the eternal ocean of Being

Participants:  The Wheel of the Year turns evermore

Leader:  We come to this place with our feet firmly on the ground, remembering our roots in those who have gone before

Participants:  The Wheel of the Year turns evermore

One DEEP Breath

Ancient of Days, speak to us your ancient words of wisdom.  It is the time of the final harvest, the last turn of the wheel before the darkness of winter.  As we enter into this time, we remember those who have gone into darkness before us, crossing beyond that veil from which only one is said to have returned, triumphant.  Help us, Holy One, to hear again the message of love!  Change our lives to follow the path of justice and mercy!

One DEEP Breath

O Great Mystery
Depth and Breadth and Height of All That Is
Creator and Nurturer, Giver and Taker of Lives
Beginner and Ender of Generations
Forgive us our petty fears and our unworthy hatreds
For though in the darkness we forget the face of the 
One we have loved, we cannot forget the expanse
Of their heart, for in You we are One
Give us these moments of remembrance and love
With those who we have missed these long days
Bring us together into the comforting
Darkness of Your Holy Womb
Make us anew
So Let it Be

Tonight is a time for remembering those we love who have passed away. Here we take time to remember our loved ones.  Speak the names of those you wish to honor.

Let us take a time of silence, remembering.

The ancient Celts recognized this as the end of an old year and the beginning of the new.  It is time in which we recognize that old things are passing, we realize that there is always a new birth promised at the end of the season.  And so, this is a time to let go of old things that have come to the end of their usefulness to make way for the new things that will come to pass in time.

Here we will take some time in silent prayer, considering our lives.  When you are ready, walk to the table, take a card, and write down something you wish to let go of.  Return to your place until all are done.

Prayer:  Bring us, Holy Divine, to the deep mystery within ourselves that we might bring into our lives the joy, love, peace, and purpose which we so desire.   Amen.

Stand/sit in thoughtful meditation for a time.  When ready, take the card to the fire, throw it in, and watch as that which you wish to release becomes a thing of the past.

Now we will share bread and wine, for it is in the sharing of life sustaining food that we find ourselves in full Communion with our beloved ancestors and with one another.

Leader raises the Chalice and pours libation to those who have gone before, symbolizing the truth that we are all connected by love even after death.  S/he raises the Bread in honor of the living, growing friendships leavened by the Spirit, then crumbles some on the ground for those creatures with whom we share Our Mother Earth.

Share “Love Feast,” saying to one another as we pass the Chalice and Loaf around:  “May you never hunger,” “May you never thirst.”

Together we sing the “Benediction:”
For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne. We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, For auld lang syne.

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